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Statistics report there are 1+ new micro breweries launched in the United States every day. Each enterprise aspires to reinvent the wheel utilizing any imaginable ingredient or flavor in a mad dash to become the darling of the moment. We ask, is this really necessary?

In addition to our core list of breweries all year offerings, we will be featuring seasonal brews and limited production products as they become available. Selection is based on market demand which depends on customer support. The one who runs from store to store questing for the “White Whale” brews exclusively, does not support the breweries they purport to respect, or the industry they pretend to appreciate. Thank you for not being that person.

Below are some of the craft beers that we carry at EZ Liquors. We are constantly adding to our craft beer selection, if there is a particular beer that you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

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Inventory Highlights

Let me mention some of the beers coming through the shop lately.  There is no guarantee that the inventory will ...
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